Assignment Instructions:
Take your time to read through all 18 chapters of the recommended book, “Perennial Psychology of the Bhagavad-Gita”. Please complete the assignment chapter-wise and aim to read 5-10 pages daily to thoroughly understand and digest the content.

Components for Each Chapter:
For each chapter, address the following five points. Try to be as detailed as possible, :

Summary: Write a brief summary of each chapter in your own words.
Key Learnings: List at least 10 important points or lessons you learned from that chapter.
Practical Applications: Describe how you can apply these lessons practically in your life.
Yoga Practice: Explain how these teachings can be incorporated into your yoga practice.
Teaching Applications: As a future yoga teacher, discuss how you can apply these teachings in your lessons.
Additional Components:
Reflection: After completing the book, write 1-2 pages of reflection on your overall experience and what you learned from it.
Real-world Application: Link one or more teachings from the book to a current event or societal issue, explaining the relevance.
Compile your responses for each chapter, along with the additional components, into a single Word or PDF document.
Name the file following this format: [Your Name]_Shree_Bhagavad_Gita_Assignment
This assignment will be evaluated based on the depth of understanding, practical applicability, self-reflection and adherence to course material.
This is an important assignment and will contribute to your final score.
Please make sure that all the work is your own, not copied from elsewhere.

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