Android is a Linux based operating system (OS). It is mainly designed to support touch screen mobile devices, which include smartphones, tablets, and computers. It is a note to be remembered that Android is an open-source operating system, which makes it free for anyone to use it.

The prime purpose of Android is to connect the users to the device. For instance, if you want to send a text to someone from your device, Android lets you tap the button on the screen. When you tap this button, Android further controls the device to send the text. Android is a prevalent operating system and is used by most of the smartphone and device manufactures. Android is beneficial because it asks for fewer formalities, and apps are quickly developed using it.


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Activity Lifecycle

Android Activity Lifecycle means a single screen in Android. It is a window of Java. This Activity Lifecycle allows you to place all the UI components and other widgets in that single screen. This activity lifecycle of Android goes through seven different states.


  • Passing data between fragments
  • This function of passing data between fragments in Android is very common. The work is done using a traditional interface. Passing data between fragments means to shift data from ‘listing fragment’ to ‘detailed fragment.’ This process is carried to update the values.
  • Android launch modes
  • The launch mode is an instruction given to the operating system that is Android. The instruction given directs how the activity should be launched. It also instructs on how new activity should correlate with the on-going task.
  • Broadcast receiver
  • A broadcast receiver is that component of the android operating system which allows you to send or receive any android application or item. One of the most common examples is when the application registers to indicate a low battery, and then the Android system sends a broadcast for the specific event to occur.


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