Corporate Finance deals in the finance division of a company. It helps in collecting funds and invest them into productive use to help the company grow business and revenue. The primary aim of corporate finance is to work with mechanisms and allocate the resources on a priority basis to efficiently use the funds to grow the company avoiding any wastage of money or resources. Proper planning should be done in a corporate finance department for efficient utilization of resources by sustaining risks and probability. It is one of the essential subjects for students in commerce. Schools and colleges give various assignments on this subject. A corporate finance assignment makes students aware of all sorts of financial issues that a company has to face. However, to complete these assignments successfully, one needs to understand the concepts of corporate finance thoroughly.



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  1. Investment and capital budgeting-  This section of the finance department deals in long term investments of a company to generate a good return over a while. There is a rigorous mechanism that has to be applied to maintain the risks and returns that are expected. It is by analyzing the income and expenditure of a company, followed by the risks involved.
  2. Capital financing-  This department deals in finance of a company and is responsible for optimizing its funding through equities and debt. It is essential to maintain a balance between two because too much of anything is not suitable for the companies financing models.
  3. Dividends and capital returns-  this part is to deal with the sphere cash that is earned by the company. It depends on the company to use this extra money to invest and expand the company or to clear their debts.


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