Creative project on Inclusion/Exclusion

This is an open assignment with no boundaries; during the assignment, if you could please send me the draft, I will take a look at it, and we can work accordingly. The details provided are as follows: –

People with disabilities continue to experience exclusion in our society. This task requires you to demonstrate that you can identify inclusion and/or exclusion for people with disabilities and create an action plan for how you might advocate for inclusion. How you decide to demonstrate this knowledge is up to you. Some options might include:

· Visiting a local disability or human service organisation and determining elements that promote inclusion and exclusion and then presenting a video presentation or written report on your findings. This should include an action plan for how you would raise the identified exclusion issues with the organisation. (note – 1 minute of a spoken presentation equals approximately 150 written words).

· Exploring an experience you had at work or during your studies that excluded people with disabilities and creating a written report that includes an action plan for how this issue might be addressed (eg: run a professional development session).

· Writing a literature review on research that exists highlighting the impact of exclusion on people with disabilities. Identify how research informs on best practice in taking action to promote inclusion for people with disabilities. You may focus in on one particular area of disability exclusion if you wish.

· Creating an art project to promote disability inclusion or highlight exclusion and presenting this, with a description of how your project demonstrates your knowledge of exclusion/inclusion. This should include an action plan for how to share your art project to promote inclusion.

You could choose one of the above options or develop your own. You can be as creative as you like. If you do choose an option not listed above, you will need to liaise with the course convenor to ensure that your proposal is appropriate.

Marking Criteria:

1. Content: Ability to identify what is meant by disability exclusion and inclusion.

2. Analysis and Reflection: Application of knowledge about disability exclusion and inclusion to your chosen project.

3. Action Plan: Development of a clear plan of action on how to implement more inclusion/less exclusion for people with disabilities.

4. Presentation: Application of excellent, scholarly writing/presentation skills(i.e. to a publishable standard) including proof reading, paragraphing, grammar, and correct use of APA7 Style citations”


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