Mental health nursing assessment

The presentation should introduce the topic, outline the key issues related to the topic and explore the current literature supporting the arguments and leading to the conclusion(s) that you draw. Recommendations for practice should be stated. If you choose to present on the same topic as your essay, the presentation allows you to develop a particular focus upon which to elaborate. Evidence from the literature is required but you must cite examples from your clinical experience to support your argument. Also, original thought must be able to be identified in relation to one aspect of your presentation.
Presentation about safewards

Appropriate command of the subject
ï‚· Confident knowledge of subject or topic or issue
ï‚· Familiarity with entailed issues
ï‚· Evidence of ample research or background reading and reference made to these and other resources
Relevance to Mental Health Nursing
ï‚· The rationale for the topic is clearly articulated
ï‚· A statement of the significance to psychiatric nursing practice
ï‚· Appropriateness of the topic to contemporary practice
ï‚· Evidence of consideration of consumer perspective
Recommendations for practice that have arisen from your findings
ï‚· Statement of ways in which nurses can change practice, pursue research or alter services that may improve outcomes
Organisation/Treatment (presentations should show clarity of structure)
ï‚· Interesting opening and introduction
ï‚· Objectives expressed and followed through
ï‚· Evidence of some overall theoretical structure or systematic organisation of the argument ï‚· Evidence of formal, disciplined nature of the enquiry
ï‚· Unity of theme
ï‚· Strong closing and conclusion

Speech and Interaction
ï‚· Clear audibility, ability to project, speed and clarity of diction;
ï‚· Engagement with audience
ï‚· Enthusiasm demonstrated in all sections of presentation
ï‚· Efforts at keeping audience attention;
ï‚· Eliciting audience reaction by stimulating discussion or eliciting questions,
ï‚· Ability to respond to questions

ï‚· Visual aids, PowerPoint used appropriately and are well sized and spaced.
ï‚· Creativity demonstrated
ï‚· Some variety in resources/media used if appropriate
ï‚· Confident and relaxed

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