MYOB surprisingly stands for ‘Mind Your Own Business.’ It is a multinational Australian Company that provides software for accounting and taxation. Most of the small and medium business firms require such software for their smooth account handling. MYOB also covers all the functions of banking and finances. All the scholars and students, who tend to study finance and its branch, happen to learn the MYOB and its functioning as well. The reputed and top class companies use MYOB software to maintain their accounts. It is, therefore, essential to learning the working of this software for the finance students of this era.

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  • Inventory Management


It is the process of managing the sources, storage, purchase, and sale of the company’s raw materials and finished goods. It is a systematic approach towards the maintenance of the company’s accounts for its smooth functioning.


  • Restoring data files


It involves the task of restoring data files. It is the process of copying back data for secondary storage. Restoring the data to its original location is the goal. Usually, it is that data that is lost, stolen, or damaged.


  • Cashbook Management


Cashbook is a financial journal in which you file all the cash receipts and disbursements. Therefore it contains all the bank deposits and withdrawals too. Managing a cashbook is a vital and primary activity in accounting. These entries are quite useful for future references.


  • Sales and Purchase Ledger


Every organization or company requires sales and purchase ledgers. It means recording the transactions of sales and purchases that occur in bulk. Sales ledger maintains the credit sales and debtors, whereas purchase ledger records the operations of credit purchase and creditor’s information.


  • Recording and Adjusting entries


Recording and adjusting the entries means filing the journal at the end of the accounting period. It is done to fix the income and expense account. This adjustment is made to comply with the definite concept of accounting. Managing these entries is a crucial function for every company’s financial accountant.


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