Pestel may be defined as a combined term related to marketing. It is a very popular term. But, what is Pestel analysis? It is an abbreviation which is given to Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal. It is a very commonly used tool by marketing companies. Companies to analyze the environment around them use Pestel analysis. This is done to maximize the profit to the companies as they already are made aware of the factors that may cause a threat to them. It is an overall analysis of the marketing of a company or a business.  It gives us a far-sighted view while starting a business or while availing personal opportunities. This term was given by Harvard professor Francis Aguilar.



AssignmentHelp is a team of proficient people, who are very well aware of the struggles done by students of the marketing field. Since it is a very vast and important subject for the business point of view, a lot of hard work and dedication needs to be put in while studying this subject. This subject mainly relies on a combination of practical and theoretical work. It focuses more on understanding the factors influencing the market. So a lot of Pestel Analysis Assignments are involved in the curriculum.

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The team of experts at AssignmentHelp consists of people who are specialized in the field of marketing. They have been helping students for a long time and have gained experience in the marketing field for many years. Their quality education and their exposure to this field ensure that the students are served with the best possible solutions and the assignments. We have hired professional experts, who work for the betterment of students grade.

Some of the main categories of assignments on which our marketing experts have worked upon include:

Political: The factors included determine up-to what extent government and it’s policies may influence the economy or a certain industry. Such as tax policies.

Economic: These factors are determined by the factors affecting the economy of a country. These are long term factors such as foreign exchange rates, economic growth patterns.

Social: These factors focus on studying the social environment around the market, and also gets an idea about cultural trends.

Technological: The new inventions or innovations in the field of technology may affect a market and the position of a certain product in the market.

Environmental: All the factors that are influenced by immediate surroundings or environmental conditions. This is especially important for certain industries such as agriculture, tourism and others.

Legal: Certain legal restrictions may affect the functioning of a business. There may be some policies who favour or restrict the functioning of a business. Such as customer safety laws, consumer protection laws etc.



Marketing is one of the trendiest options of careers to choose from. It has become a hot buzz in the market for earning. But behind this marketer title, lies the hidden story of hard work and the hours put up behind the work and assignments.

Since a proper analysis of the market and the upcoming trends needs to be done, this course is known to involve a lot of assignments that need to be completed by students. Students often feel pressurized and tensed regarding their assignment completion. They feel stuck and struggle with their assignments, because of the importance of assignments in their total marks evaluation. The main motive of our team is to provide the best quality assignments to the students. The marketing specialists in the team are available to mentor the students according to their syllabus.

Some of the main issues faced by students include:


  • Time constraint: There is a big issue or time shortage with marketing students these days. With the small time given to complete the assignments, it has become quite tough.
  • High cut-offs: Competition in marketing courses has increased considerably. Students, to get admission in a good college or get a job, need to have sky touching grades, which even makes it necessary to take help online.
  • Other problems: students also face some other problems which include, lack of proper guidance and knowledge, and limited resources.


The team of marketing experts is available for the students to assist and guide them regarding their Pestel Assignments.


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A few things that are kept in consideration for satisfying students are:


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