Questions to address in your presentation:

Question One: (NMBA Standards): The NSW health core values are Openness, Respect, Collaboration and Empowerment, choose one of these core values and describe what this means to you as a nurse.

Question Two: (Escalation of Care) As a student nurse, you are asked to perform medication management with your RN Mentor, you have worked with this RN for the past three weeks and at the bedside while performing this task, she leaves you and tells you “You’ve done this before, you’ll be okay”, Describe how you would manage this situation.

Question Three: (Clinical Reflection) Provide a clinical situation where you felt unprepared, how did you manage this situation and what did you learn from it?

Question Four: (Conflict Resolution) You are on shift with another staff member that you do not get along with, they continually tell you that you are doing tasks wrong and not within the correct timeframes, describe how you manage your shift.

Question five: (Therapeutic and professional communication) You are caring for a client who does not speak English, describe mechanisms how you can manage to effectively communicate within the clinical setting.

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