risk assessment

ASSIGNMENT TITLE: Assignment 1 Risk Assessment Report (Individual Assessment)
LENGTH: 2500 words (including reference and everything, +/-10% allowance)
SIMILARITY: <=20% Overview of Assignment: You will conduct a critical review of advanced concepts and practices in risk assessment and carry out a risk assessment task based on ONE engineering project chosen from any of the following:(i have chosen melbourne airport rail). Specific tasks to be covered in your report (cite references for the statements and propositions from the third-party, slot them in any part of your report): 1. Introduction of risk management fundamentals, your report structure, key tasks/undertakings, main findings, etc.; 2. Establish the context of the risk management; 3. Risk management process Identify risks (what is the method that you plan to use to identify risk, why, and what are the possible risk in this project); Analyse risks (what is the method that you plan to use to analyse the risk, why and carry out the risk analysis and determine the level of risk); Evaluate risks (what is the risk priority, what are the criteria to evaluate risks, whether a risk needs treatment); Treat risks (what are the options, how to assess the options and prepare risk treatment plan and implement the plan); Monitor and control risks (what the plan is and how to carry it out, if applicable); 4. Summary and conclusion 5. A reference list Note: Referencing (both in-text citations and a citation list at the end) is required for this assignment. Use only APA referencing style. A minimum number of 5 references is required (there is no requirement on the year of publications)

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