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SQL or Structured Query Language is a domain-specific language that is used for database storage and is majorly used in many management systems. SQL consists of data definition, data manipulation, and data modification. SQL consists of various topics and it becomes quite difficult to perform its practical without proper practical knowledge.

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  1. Authorizations in SQL
  2. Database Design and SQL Query
  3. PL/SQL, MySQL
  4. Procedural Extensions
  5. Relational Databases
  6. Relational Model
  7. SQL and Advanced SQL
  8. Structure of XML Data
  9. Structured Types and Inheritance in SQL
  10. Transaction Controls


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Unlike any other conventional subject, SQL is a non-theoretical and is a complete practical based subject. SQL cannot be understood just by simply reading textbooks and requires vast practical knowledge. So for beginners, it becomes quite difficult to cope with the stress of SQL assignment questions. Due to the lack of knowledge, they face quite difficulties. SQL courses require effective knowledge in SQL subjects and topics like Transaction control, Data definition language, data manipulation language, etc.

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