STAT2170/6180 iLearn Quiz

There are two attempts allowed for this quiz. Further attempts will not be granted. The questions are not of equal value. Detailed feedback of your answers and the solutions will be provided after the quiz has concluded. Please take note of the following four points before attempting the quiz.

Internet connection

It is your responsibility to find an appropriate location with a reliable internet connection where you can complete the quiz. It is advisable to plan this in advance. 

R/RStudio use

It is strongly recommended to use R/RStudio to analyse the data in this quiz and compute the required statistical values. You are free to analyse the data manually with your own personal calculator if you wish but that will be much more time consuming.

Downloading the datasets

The quiz will have multiple randomly generated datasets for you to analyse. It is recommended that you save each dataset by right clicking the link and selecting the option to save the link/download. (or use the similar procedure you used to download and analyse the data in SGTAs). 

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