An International Social Work Project Proposal on Kafala System in Saudi Arabia


This task aims to engage students to develop a project proposal intended to address an international issue in a particular region.

Format/Product Written Piece
Type Individual assessment
Word Count A 2000-word written piece excluding reference list.
Course Learning Outcomes (CLO) Assessed
CLO #1 Critically assess and explain theories and concepts underpinning the idea of international social work.
CLO #2 Critically investigate the contemporary fields of international social work and apply international social work knowledge and skills innovatively to produce social work intervention in those fields.
CLO #3 Identify international social work organisations and other relevant institutions involved in the international social work fields and critically evaluate their contributions.
Assessment Criteria and Rubric
Rubrics help you to understand what knowledge and skills you need to demonstrate in your assessments. They also show you how your submission will be marked and what is expected at the different grade levels.

Ability to demonstrate critical comprehension of the international issues in the chosen region
Ability to critically explain ‘why’ does the chosen issue exist in that region and ‘how’ this issue can be addressed from an international social work perspective
Ability to develop project proposal that has potential to address the issue in the chosen region
Ability to research and write in an academic manner
Task Instructions
Students explored about an international issue in a particular region in the Task 2. Drawing on this, students are required to develop a project proposal that, if implemented, will positively contribute to address the issue in that region. A detailed guideline on how to develop a project proposal will be provided on Canvas at the commencement of the course.

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